Who We Are? What We Do?

Haven’t you said “all my components arrived, I can not assemble them just because of one insufficient component” before ?
Are you tired of the stocking charges which you had to buy because of standard reel quantities?
Are you getting crazy with the fixing of non-working boards?
Are your PCBs curved at assembly process?
OPTİMUM is solving all your problems now.
You please spare your time by increasing your market sales and designing new devices.

We source all your components including PCB.
We assemble the board and make all necessary tests at our fully equipped plant.
We deliver your boards at the best quality and cleanness form to you.
If demanded, we prepare your fully finished product including case, gift box, etc…


One stop solution at Electronics.


QUALITY IS THE MAIN OBJECT!That’s why we consider all quality issues.

Automatic Optical Inspection

We are all human beings. Eye control can not identify every defects at boards. Our latest technology AOI machine can identify the defects that can happen during the SMT process.Boards are inspected against the defects such as No solder, less solder, bridge, wrong polarity, missing item, wrong item, uplift pins, shifted components, dryjoint etc…

Electrostatic Sensitive Devices

Clean and antistatic environment is very important at electronics. Our plant is designed according to all ESD rules. No hand contacts to your boards until the end. Your boards are washed, packed and delivered to you as it should be.

Respect Electronics

Respect Electronics Limited is Optimum Elektronik’s own company which is established in Hong Kong. With this advantage, components are supplied very quickly from original sources.